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Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) gearing up

More resources on ethics, algorithms and data protection. Soon available in English and Spanish


Policies' evolutions on ageing and digital solutions: NESTORE contributes its policy recommendations

A short infographics outlines the main policy recommandations issued by the project


The NESTORE book: Digital Health Technology for Better Aging

This is the final effort of the NESTORE consortium! This book describes the multidisciplinary approach needed to tackle better ageing and as implemented across the project.

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The end of the road, not the end of the journey!

NESTORE final presentations and press releases are on-line!

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Final Workshop - Join the event

The NESTORE's final event will be on stage on February 25th. Join the workshop on GoToMeeting:

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Home of Industrial Pioneers

NESTORE represented by HES-SO at the Digital Edition of the Hannover Messe 2021

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Empowering technologies: users perspectives from the NESTORE pilots

Laura Fernandez from FSiE will present the user perspective in using the NESTORE coaching system at the APTITUTE event, on 21 January 2021.

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Reimboursement models and framework for eHealth applications

A series of Hub Talks has been released for 2021. First in the list, the reimboursement models and frameworks for digital health applications will be discussed, on-line, on January 28th 2021.